GX Class

Fun way to get fit

Our GX classes are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals with high-energy workouts led by experienced instructors. With a diverse range of classes to choose from, including cardio, strength training, and more, you'll find the perfect fit for your fitness needs. Join us now and get ready to sweat, burn calories, and elevate your game to new heights!

Zumba: Dance Your Way to Fitness

Ditch the monotony of traditional workouts and dance your heart out with Zumba! Our classes combine lively dance styles from around the world, helping you burn calories while having a blast. Our Zumba sessions are designed to inspire confidence and self-expression while achieving your fitness goals. Come join the party and experience the joy of Zumba!


Prepare to elevate your fitness with Tabata! This dynamic workout style blends high-intensity intervals, boosting your cardio and strength in a single power-packed session. With focused intervals and maximum effort, you'll push through each round, experiencing a full-body burn that's both challenging and invigorating. Join us for a workout that sparks intensity and transforms your routine!

Dance: Embrace the Joy of Movement

Let the music take over as you move, groove, and let go in our dance classes. Shake off your worries and dance like nobody's watching! Come join our dance community and embrace the power of dance to uplift your spirit and elevate your fitness.

Pound Fit: Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Get ready to rock your workout with Pound Fit! This exhilarating fitness class combines cardio, strength training, and drumming into one high-energy session. Using lightly weighted drumsticks called Ripstix, you'll drum your way to a full-body workout while grooving to the beat of the music. Join us for a fitness experience like no other and unleash your inner rockstar!

Yoga: Energize Your Soul

Join our GX Yoga class sessions to experience a harmonious fusion of movement and mindfulness. With dynamic flows and intentional breathwork, our expert instructors will guide you towards rejuvenation and self-discovery. Embrace a practice that not only enhances physical flexibility but also nourishes your soul, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to conquer the world.

Aqua Yoga: Float Your Worries Away

Experience the perfect harmony of water and yoga in our Aqua Yoga sessions. Surrender to the gentle flow of the pool as our certified instructors lead you through poses that enhance flexibility and mindfulness. Allow the water to support and uplift you, fostering a serene environment where stress melts away, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Latin Dance: Experience the Latin Beat

Experience the heart-pounding Latin beat in our exciting dance classes. Feel the music come alive as you sway, spin, and move to the infectious melodies of Latin tunes. No partner is required – just bring your enthusiasm, and our expert instructors will lead you through a variety of Latin dance styles. Discover the joy of Latin Dance and immerse yourself in a world of rhythm and culture.


Discover the dynamic world of kickboxing, where intense cardio workouts are seamlessly intertwined with powerful strength training. This invigorating fitness regimen not only enhances your physical strength and stamina but also sharpens your mental focus and agility. With expert guidance and a supportive environment, our kickboxing sessions offer a full-body challenge that leaves you feeling empowered and revitalized.

Aikido: Harmony in Action

Cultivate a calm and centered mind as you learn to respond to conflict with grace and skill. Our Aikido classes not only provide practical self-defense techniques but also instill a deeper sense of mindfulness and self-discipline. Begin your Aikido journey with us and discover the path to balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

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